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About Monopoly Explore! SG 

  • Is the Monopoly Explore! SG mobile app free-to-play for everyone?
    Great news – Monopoly Explore! SG is free to download and play for both Singapore and international users*. General gameplay functionality is free of charge, with options to purchase premium tokens and a range of in-game items to enhance gameplay. *excluding Mainland China

  • Do I need internet access to play Monopoly Explore! SG?
    Yes, internet access is required to enjoy our content!
  • How do I play Monopoly Explore! SG?
    Download the game on your mobile device from App Store or Google Play Store. Roll the dice to play, and acquire and upgrade tiles on the board to unlock rewards! Experience all the content by watching videos and playing mini-games, and win attractive in-game and real-life prizes!
  • Do I need to add friends into Monopoly Explore! SG to play it?
    Monopoly Explore! SG uses single-player mode only. A friends feature is in the works, and will allow you to add friends in-game to gain more Monopoly$! That’s coming soon, so do keep a lookout for it! 👀

  • What if I use up my dice rolls? 
    No sweat! Dice rolls are added at regular intervals, so just check back in again later to see if your dice rolls have been refilled. The countdown timer just under your dice roll counter tells you how much time remains before your next dice roll top-up. Roll dice to move around the boards. Travelling through the boards will help you to acquire more tiles, visit new places, and collect more Monopoly$!

  • What if I run out of Monopoly$? 
    Roll your dice to land on tiles to acquire them. Once you acquire tiles, earning Monopoly$ is easy – you collect Monopoly$ every time you pass by your acquired tiles! You will also collect Monopoly$ every time you pass GO, and can win Monopoly$ at Chance tiles.

  • How difficult is Monopoly Explore! SG?
    Just like the Monopoly board game, Monopoly Explore! SG is easy to pick up, learn and play! Click the lightbulb icon in the app to see the in-game tutorial if you need tips on how to play.

  • When is Monopoly Explore! SG available till?
    Monopoly Explore! SG is available till the end of April 2021, so do try to complete unlocking all tile levels before the campaign ends, to stand a chance to win the Grand Prize! 🏆

    More information on Rewards

  • How do I win rewards in Monopoly Explore! SG?
    Many of the tiles contain real rewards, like free Kopi/Teh from Toast Box or Foodpanda promo codes, and you can unlock them by upgrading the tiles to their highest level (L3).

    Acquiring all tiles in the additional zones – Flavour District, Heritage Explorer, Propnex and Arts House – will unlock even more attractive discounts and items too!

    Be an active player – keep on rolling those dice – to stand to win attractive Weekly Prizes!

    Complete unlocking all tile levels on the baseboard and additional zones to stand to win a Grand Prize! For more details on the Weekly and Grand Prize, stay tuned to our Instagram & Facebook page for more details to be announced!

  • What are some of the attractive rewards I can unlock?
    We hear you! Here’s a guide on some of the featured rewards to look out for: click here

  • What happens if I land on a tile that I acquired previously? Can I redeem the tile’s reward again?
    Each reward can only be unlocked and redeemed once. If you have already unlocked all rewards on the baseboard and additional zones, you can continue to win rewards from the Chance tile, and unlock attractive discount vouchers & products from our Partners in the Store!

  • How can I enjoy the vouchers and products that I have unlocked? 

Step 1: Head on to the ‘Store’ or ‘Tiles’ > ‘My Rewards’ to browse and activate the rewards:

There are so many different types of rewards to be won! 🙂
Simply follow the instructions found on your reward.

A quick guide for redemption:

Step 2:

For Physical In-Store redemptions:For Online redemptions:
At the partner’s participating outlet, show staff the reward on your mobile device to redeem the freebie/discount.

Copy the promo-code and paste it into the promo-code field in the participating partner’s e-store checkout page!

  • What if I swipe the reward before redeeming it at the outlet?
    After swiping the reward, it will move into the “Used / Expired” section of your My Rewards page. Kindly forward your query with the registered email to the app, to

    Important: Physical store outlet staff will swipe the “Swipe To Proceed” button upon redemption of the freebie/discount.

  • What happens if I have trouble redeeming the reward? 
    Oh no, we’re sorry this happened and we’d like to help. If you have difficulties loading the reward page and/or are facing other technical issues with the app (e.g. error / app crash) – please write in to us with the issue you’re facing, the device you’re on, and screenshots (if any) at

  • Are the rewards transferable?
    Rewards are not transferable.

  • Where can I find all the rewards that I have unlocked?
    You may find them in the “My Rewards” page. You can access the ‘My Rewards’ page through ‘Tiles’ > ‘My Rewards’.

  • Do I need to acquire all the tiles in order to stand a chance to win a weekly prize and the grand prize?
    The 100 most active players – those who roll the dice the most – stand a chance at the Weekly Draw each week. You do not need to acquire all tiles. 

    You will need to acquire and complete upgrading all the tiles on the baseboard as well as the additional zones – Flavour District, Heritage Explorer, Propnex and Arts House – to stand a chance to win the Grand Prize! 🏆

Other Queries

How can I be a partner for Monopoly Explore! SG? 
For collaboration and partnership queries, please email us at

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